About My Bodywork


I am a professional certified and member of the ABMP (Associated bodywork and Massage professionals) bodywork therapist. I specialize in clinical therapeutic bodywork: Myofascia release, soft tissue release, deep tissue, sports, trigger points therapy and structural bodywork. I blend these techniques to create a session that is customized to meet your individual needs. The following are a few muscoloskeletal dysfunctions I have treated successfully: frozen shoulders, carpel tunnel, thoracic outlet syndrome, chronic neck and pack pain, rotator cuff injuries, tendenitis, tennis/golf elbow and headaches, sports injuries.


Sessions can be intense but not painful and will be dramatic results including: injury recovery, pain reduction, stress relief, better posture and freedom of movement. I have been trained by well known rolfers in the USA therefore my session are very focused in whole body structural integration.


Making the choice to embark on a healing journey is vital to living a full a happy life. I will be truly committed to your health and well being and will provide the best care to assist in the healing of your pain or injury.

About Leo's Bodywork


Leo will speak with you about the reason you have come to his office.  He will review your health history and your daily routine.  He will take time to listen to your concerns and give you answers to your concerns and questions that may arise.


Leo will ask you to stand up and move around the space as he performs a visual assessment of your posture and movement.  You will then be asked to recline on a massage table to receive a comfortable, effective therapy session in a quiet, heated room.  Leo will check-in with you during the session and offer educational tips that you can use after your session when you get home.


A session usually last 1 hour or 90 minutes.


Are you wondering what an initial session with Leo is like?

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