Leo Libreros

Certified Myofascial Release Structural Bodywork Therapist



Leo Libreros is a certified bodywork therapist. He makes his home in Southern California with offices in Palm Springs and San Diego.


Leo specializes in Structural Myofascial (myo = muscles and fascial = connective tissue) release bodywork and utilizes Neural (nerves) and Visceral (organs) manipulation techniques toハhis unique style of bodywork. Leo utilizes these techniques to restore body freedom of movement, proper alignment and balance to the body. His work can be effective in resolving neck pain, back pain, whiplash, TMJ, carpel tunnel syndrome, injuries, hip pain, plantar fasciitis post surgical issues and improving athletic performance.


He graduated from Maric College in Palm Springs, Ca. In addition he has studied different techniques that treat the fascia system of the body in order to include this structures in his work.


Leo understands the patientユs viewpoint because he started his journey as a patient himself. Making the choice to embark on a healing process is vital to live a full happy life, He will be truly committed to your health and well being and will provide the best care to assist in the healing of your pain or injury.



Leo's Credentials


Maric College of Palm Springs

  - Massage therapy program


San Francisco School of Massage and Bodywork
  - Deep tissue/Myofascial release


Kinesis School, Tom Myers

 - BodyReading and Soft Tissue Strategies


Eric Dalton's Freedom from Pain Institute

 - Myoskeletal alignment techniques


Anatomy Trains, Walpole, Maine

 - Peripheral Nerve Therapy


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