Leo is a Master of working with the nerves in the body and his treatments are truly Advanced Bodywork. A year ago I could not walk due to paralysis in my lower body and legs. I could not wiggle my toes and was living in a wheelchair and western medicine could not give any clear diagnosis, they only knew it wasn't MS or a brain tumor or spinal injury, etc. My guess is my condition developed over time for various reasons.

Robert at the Palm Springs Healing Center confirmed my spine was holding the adjustments and suggested Acupuncture which revived my ability to walk and gave me courage to continue on the healing journey. While balance and sensation began to return to my body, the numbness transitioned into excruciating nerve pain throughout the day and became worse at night. Western medicine had no help for nerve pain except Gabapentin but it did not stop the nerve pain and only made me depressed. I wanted to heal and not be numbed out on drugs. I was unable to sleep as the tortuous shooting, burning nerve pain flared up at night. On one hand I was joyous I could feel again but the pain was becoming unbearable and I wasn't sleeping. Michael Boyer my acupuncturist recommended Leo Libreros to work with the nerve pain and I am forever grateful.

Beyond his expertise and professionalism, Leo's compassion, gentleness and genius allowed me to more deeply relax and trust my body could continue to heal. Leo understands the role of the nerves and fascia in the body and his hands know how to relax the nerves under the skin releasing tension. I slept for the first time in months without pain after my first treatment and after each session I feel more normal with more sensation returning to my lower body. He is helping me to relearn how to properly walk again. There are exercises to do at home. While Leo has developed expert professional bodywork knowledge why he stands out from others for me is his nurturing caring and dedication to my healing. I am confident I can heal beyond the doctors dire predictions. I feel like I have a dedicated coach encouraging me to take that next step and go beyond the belief I have to live in pain.

The word healing is a verb to make whole which is a lifelong process . Leo through his treatments teaches how to integrate body/mind healing. I feel healing begins with his ability to deeply listen and then his skills allow him to feel what is happening under the skin and he does what is needed. He works at a very deep level. Receiving treatments from Leo is a truly healing process and I am forever grateful he is practicing his Advanced Bodywork which is ever evolving as he is always learning more about the body/mind.

Pat Horwath

Retired UC Adviser

Joshua Tree, California 2015

Leo's knowledge of the human body and particularly the Fascia and nerves is outstanding. He has the skill to not only treat the areas in pain but to successfully locate the point of origin and root cause.

When I first started my treatments with Leo I had chronic hip pain every time I walked or slept on my side. Within just 5 treatments that pain disappeared!! I am very grateful to Leo because for the last 4 years this hip pain caused me to have difficulty enjoying exercising, hikes or even leisurely walking. Every morning I would wake up to pain in my hip. I had tried every form of treatment I could think of including; physical therapy, massage, acupuncture, Egoscue,...you name it and I probably tried it without success. I was astounded that after only 5 treatments with Leo, the pain is gone.

Leo is one of the most professional, nurturing and knowledgeable therapists I've met. I know that whether it's for regular maintenance or for more acute "emergencies" I can count on him. Thank you Leo!

Lisa Stone

Palm Springs, California 2014

Leo Libreros is an angel on earth! For more than two years his gentle bodywork has reduced my MS symptoms of inflammation and stiffness. But the most important benefit of his treatments has been pain reduction. This has helped my daily life to be happier and more productive. Leo always spends time to concentrate on the problems that are bothering me the most. He shows me gentle movements to help my body help itself. It is wonderful to have Leo on my side in my fight with MS. I hope you are lucky enough to have Leo help you too!

Marry Morris

Retired teacher, San Diego, California 2014

Leo Libreros is one of the best structural therapists/bodyworkers I've had the pleasure to work with.  Being the founder of Palm Springs Healing Center, I have hired and personally worked with a hundred therapists over the years.  Leo is well educated in his field and works from a very instinctive, intuitive and present place.  Working with Leo will bring you to a whole other level of healing.  He is definitely in the Top 10 of his profession here in the valley.

Dr. Robert Edelburg

Chiropractor and Owner of the Palm Springs Healing Center, Palm Springs, California

Leo Libreros is an exceptional bodywork and massage therapist. I arrived in Palm Springs in considerable pain and took a chance on finding the right treatment. I was deeply impressed with Leo. He has clearly undertaken considerable and continuous professional development in the field and has a deeply informed and yet highly intuitive feel for the body and the areas that need attention. At all times I felt in safe and experienced hands and I am delighted with the results of my treatments with him. I would not hesitate to recommend Leo to anyone interested in serious and professional bodywork therapy which produces highly effective results.

Laura Power

Transpersonal Therapist, London, England

I was a massage practitioner for 20 years and received hundred's of treatments. Leo is one of the best! His techniques are remarkable and his sessions always leave me feeling balanced, aligned and free from a lot of pain. I was very impressed and will continue to go back for more!

Bryan Zerr

Writer and teacher

Leo has done more to help me with my pain than any other doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist, medication or therapy I've ever had.

I'm 63 years old with a history of muscle and ligament strains and sprains in the ankles and feet, legs, the whole back, the butt, thigh, hamstring, calf, and more.  By the time I got to Leo I couldn't walk to and from my car into his office without pain in my feet, legs and back.

Pills didn't work.  And I tried lots of them. I tried Pilates, Yoga, stretching.  I ended up somewhat flexible but still in pain.  I've had 4 treatments with Leo in 3 weeks.  He's given me home exercises to do, and working together, we've decreased my pain noticeably.  Sitting is still uncomfortable, but not unbearable.  Foot pain from walking and standing has improved tremendously.  I can wear shoes without pain that I've been unable to wear for a year.  Before I saw Leo, I was afraid that in the not too distant future, I'd have to get one of those scooters.    Leo has given me back hope.  Hope that I can be a healthy active senior.

I heartily recommend Leo.

Alan Siegel, Esq.

Palm Springs, California

Ordinarily I don't tell my age. I am 80. I have had peripheral neuropathy for 18 years. The neuropathy makes my feet very tender; it also makes my leg muscles tight, which causes stinging pain. I knew that myofascial release is of great benefit for my condition, but until a neighbor told me about Leo Libreros I was trying to manage the neuropathy with exercise and massage.

I have had 3 appointments with Leo. With each visit I am experiencing less pain and more flexibility. I do a 30-minute walk 4 or 5 times a week. Stretching exercises are helping alleviate the leg pain. My goal is to continue to live an active life without having to resort to medication. Leo is helping me to do that. Leo Libreros is a knowledgeable and dedicated physical therapist. I highly recommend him.

Jo Ann Wall

Hemet, California

My name is Abraham and I'm a working professional with a very active life style.  During one of my workout routines, I injured my lower back.  I was treated by chiropractors and acupuncturists but could never find relief.  I was introduced to Leo by one of his former clients and after a few sessions I noticed I started to get less pain and feel a lot better.  He is a true professional that genuinely cares about his patients.  He works magic with his hands; a true healer.  I'm very blessed to have learned about his talents and I strongly recommend him to anyone reading this.

Abe Morfin

March 2013

I was fortunate to have discovered and be treated by Leo Libreros after suffering over 1 ½ years with bulging discs and pelvic misalignment. Just after the first session with Leo, I experienced much relief of the pain and tightness in these areas. I had a total of 8 sessions while on a 2 month vacation in Palm Springs and as a result my time in Palm Springs has been more active and enjoyable. In addition to his skillfulness in myofascial release, I was very impressed with his commitment to his patients long term healing. Leo took his time after each session to discuss, demonstrate exercises and educate me about the importance of self care in my healing.

Leo is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and professional massage therapist. He is truly committed to the field and physical betterment. I strongly recommend him to anyone who is seeking bodywork relief therapy.

Cynthia Retarides

Retired Physical Education Teacher

New York

April 2013

"It hits you with a heck of a wallop.  It clobbers you so hard. It brings you to your knees. The impact is shattering.  It hurts like hell!  It’s devastating, persistent, agonizing and torturous…By now, you’ve probably figured out that it is PAIN.  Not only do I know what it feels like, I’ve learned some other stuff… I’ve become so much more aware of pain’s consequences.

Pain is frigging exhausting.  IT doesn’t allow you to concentrate…It’s very hard to get ahead of all of this.  There are a variety of drugs used to manage pain, but for some reason, they don’t work for me.  They make me feel woozy, nervous, and jumpy --not in control.

People who hurt need to deal with their own selves and those around them.  They have to be able to describe how they hurt to the medical staff and this isn’t easy.  There’s lots of confusion describing pain.  There’s the infamous scale of zero to ten.

I know that I need to know why I hurt.  I need to know the reason.  Without having a diagnosis, it would be very easy to sink into depression.  A diagnosis gives validity; it gives a reason and a purpose.  I thank Dr. Verghese, my primary doctor for working with me to try to find an answer.  Her insistence on getting and coordinating other doc’s opinion, and maintaining continuous contact with me via phone and email, has helped me survive, in addition to my friends and family.  Yikes, I can’t forget Leo, my bodywork practitioner who specializes in myofascial release.  He has “pulled” me through some of the tough days.

So, what’s the lesson I’ve learned from this “aha?”  It’s to do whatever it takes to get the medical piece in place, and if you are not capable of that, get a friend or family member to help you.

My resolve is to get ahead of this and to reclaim my life as I know it.  I will get ahead of this.  I will get my physical strength back.  And, if appropriate, I will get back to that golf course.”

Sandra Donahue

Palm Springs

April 2013

"Call him gifted, brilliant, intelligent, or a genius - but whatever - Leo Libreros has been a godsend!

Having suffered from severe lower back pain and occasional sciatica for many years, I had tried just about everything, from traditional massage, chiropractors, and exercises to pain killers, epidurals, and muscle relaxants.   My pain was nagging, constant, and sometimes unbearable.  And then I met Leo: a profound expert in myofascial release with complete knowledge of the structural components in the spine.

He has quite literally saved me and given me confidence and knowledge about how one should approach back problems.  There is no doubt that I would recommend Leo to anyone and everyone I know (those I like, anyway).  I am so very grateful to Leo, as he is giving me a new pain-free life."

Keith Coplen

Palm Springs, CA

July 2014

I don’t like calling Leo Libreros a massage therapist even though that is what his credential is. His work is not like any other massage therapist and I have been to well over 100 of them over my 71 years. Leo mainly treats nerve pain by working on the body’s fascia. He gently traces the affected nerve, stretching it and lengthening it. He doesn’t pretend to cure the problem, he teaches you how to manage the pain so that it is less of a problem to live with. It is truly amazing how his approach works.

I have had many epidurals, chiropractic treatments, acupuncture treatments, and lots of physical therapy, but nothing has worked for any length of time like Leo’s bodywork has. It takes a while, but I now feel that the improvement I have made is much more permanent than anything else.

I am retired now, but I practiced as a chiropractor for 27 years. I also taught chiropractic for 27 years, 8 of which I was Dean of my college in Portland, Oregon. I tell you this to make you aware that I know what I am talking about and to demonstrate that I recognize excellence in a body worker when I see it. Leo is the real deal.

Leo has a wealth of knowledge about exercises and therapies that you can do at home to help your inflamed nerve begin to heal. If you have nerve pain, and many of us do, I highly recommend that you make an appointment with Leo Libreros.

Dr. Steve Oliver, B.S., D.C.

Cathedral City, California. Chiropractor and former Dean of Western States Chiropractic College (now the University of Western States)

November 2020

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